Coromandel Crewel

Tel: 07740493444


Tel: 07740493444

COROMANDEL has been hand crafting exceptional crewel embroidered and handloomed fabrics since 1978. By specifically choosing to also handmake the background cloth on a handloom, we are able to say that our fabrics are 100% handmade, promoting longevity and quality over speed and profit, producing heirloom fabrics with the beauty, strength and durability to last generations, whilst supporting our skilled artisans’ way of life in a cottage industry in the vales of Kashmir. The use of only sustainable and biodegradable natural fibres and chemical free dyes minimises our impact on the fragile local environment, and we aim to employ women as well as men, while sharing a relationship with a particular supplier which has lasted generations.

It takes a week to produce one metre of our crewel by hand, so, designing a new fabric takes months, if not years, of work and we have produced many styles ranging from the bohemian crewels for Belville Sassoon’s coats in the 1970s, to our Heritage Crewels encapsulating the Tudor, Stuart and Jacobean influences of past centuries, and, latterly, our timeless and classic Contemporary Crewels which have the ability to traverse culture and time, in the same way as many iconic houses do today.

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