Coromandel Crewel

Tel: 07740493444


Tel: 07740493444



We strongly recommend checking stock and reserving fabric free of charge in advance of ordering. Our handmade fabrics are made in limited batches twice a year. As every metre of crewel takes a week to produce, each batch can take between four and six months to complete and, due to unpredictable variations in demand, there will occasionally be low stock availability and a waitlist.

Pattern repeats and Colour Matching to samples:

If the pattern repeat or colour matching is critical, we recommend requesting a stock cutting at the same time as reserving fabric before ordering. As each design is drawn by hand, pattern repeats can vary slightly from batch to batch. Similarly, our natural dyes are hand  mixed at the time of making, so shades can differ slightly between batches. Our samples are taken from current batches but we often have more than one batch of a design available at the same time.


We cannot accept fabric returned which has already been cut, therefore every order must be carefully checked on receipt, and before cutting. As it is completely handmade and hand washed, without the use of bleach or other chemicals, and slubs or faint, infrequent marking is considered characteristic rather than ‘imperfect’. However, if not completely satisfied, please contact us within 10 working days of receipt and we will arrange to exchange it.

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