Coromandel Crewel

Tel: 07740493444


Tel: 07740493444

Fabric FAQs

Crewel Fabric Content is 100% wool hand embroidery on 100% handloomed cotton, tested to upholstery standards. There is approximately 48% wool embroidery coverage.

Handloom Fabric Content is 100% cotton, tested to upholstery standards.

Widths and Lengths: All our fabrics are approx 132cm wide, with our crewel being embroidered over approx 126cm with a plain, unembroidered selvage of approx. 3cm on either side. As they are entirely handmade, our crewels come in approx 10m and 20m lengths, with occasional 25m pieces available. The handlooms are available in 20-25m lengths.

Suitability for Upholstery: For modern upholstery and contract use, the abrasion resistance of fabric is now tested by a Martindale machine. In Martindale testing, both our crewels and handlooms achieved thread break at 20,000 rubs, which is regarded as suitable for general and regular domestic use. To comply with design industry specifications and trade standards for upholstery weight fabrics, both our crewels and handlooms are stringently tested. This is not the case with many crewels being produced for the retail market alone and it is important to check that the fabric has been tested if intending to use it for upholstery. Our crewel comprises approx. 48% wool, and contains at least 75% exempted fibres for the purposes of the Match Test. The fabric  passes the Cigarette Test as specified in the Furniture and Furnishings (fire) (safety) Regulations 1988. For upholstery purposes, it should still be used with Schedule 3 interlining.

Flame Retarding and Stain Resistance: In order to minimise our impact on the fragile environment in which our fabrics are made, we do not stain proof or flame retard them. However, our fabrics can be flame retarded and stain proofed for contract use after purchase, if necessary.

Cleaning and Sunlight Precaution: Due to the mixed wool and cotton content, we recommend dry cleaning only. Our fabrics are made using natural dyes and, like all naturally dyed materials, may fade in direct sunlight

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