Coromandel Crewel

Tel: 07740493444


Tel: 07740493444


Our Handmade Crewels are currently priced between £158pm and £225pm and offer exceptional value for the quality they represent and the time taken to produce them entirely by hand. Discounts may be offered for large orders and repeat customers as well as for pre-cut remnants and sale pieces. All crewel fabric is usually priced according to the following: whether or not it is completely handmade, the density, tightness and quality of stitching, the number of colours used and the overall quality and weight of the wool and the background cloth.

Our background Handloom fabrics are priced between £38pm and £46pm and are made to upholstery weight industry standards, ensuring that they are thicker, heavier and more durable overall than the thinner, more brittle, power loomed background cloths used for ordinary crewels.